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Studio Clean 1.6

Studio Clean is a suite of plug-ins for audio editing and processing
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Studio Clean 1.6 is a software program suite of plug-ins developed for Windows users who run DirectX an VST compatible audio editing and processing software.
The Studio Clean 1.6 suite of plug-ins offers users four, featured plug-ins that they can use for enhancement and noise reduction purposes to enable them to produce quality audio recordings. Each plug-in feature has its own user-friendly window. For best effects whilst using Studio Clean 1.6, users must ensure that they are running DirectX 8 or later and a DirectX or VST host application such as ‘Acoustica’.

The first plug-in feature presented to users is the Studio Denoiser, which is a plug-in to reduce broadband noise. Users can achieve a high level of noise reduction with this feature, which takes into account perceptual properties of human hearing. It can detect noise from pure noise, or, from recordings with background noise and its coefficients are user adjustable. Studio Clean 1.6’s second plug-in feature, the Studio DeClicker, has two functions. Its click filter removes larger clicks and pops in users’ recordings and it removes cracks too, with its crackle filter and the values of these can be monitored visually. The third feature of this plug-in suite, the Studio DeClipper recreates or restores analog or digital recordings that have been clipped. Finally, users can add high frequency harmonics with the programs fourth featured plug-in, named Studio ReBirth. This feature allows users to control the frequency of the distribution of the harmonics enabling them to renew and restore old and impaired recordings.

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  • Studio DeClicker renders some wav files shorter
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